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The VVA Veteran Reviews Prelude

Prelude was recently reviewed by David Wilson, a reviewer from the site “Books in Review II.” Wilson's review eloquently chronicles his reaction to the novel alongside his own experience in Vietnam. "I highly recommend this novel, both as a good read and as a glimpse into the lives of...

SD Sawyer

Huey Lewis & The News “Walking on a Thin line”

Do you remember the Huey Lewis & The News song, Walking On a Thin Line?

“Walking on a thin line
Straight off the front line
Take a look at my face, see what it’s doing to me”

When my son forwarded this video on U-tube. . . when I read the words to this song, it seemed to explain the longevity of PTSD for some of our Vietnam veterans, and PTSD that today accompanies our soldiers home from Afghanistan. What do you think?

“Taught me how to shoot to kill
A specialist with a deadly skill
A skill I needed to have to be a survivor
It’s over now or so they say
Well, sometimes, it don’t turn out that way
Cause your never the same when you’ve been under fire”

See the video below:

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