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The VVA Veteran Reviews Prelude

Prelude was recently reviewed by David Wilson, a reviewer from the site “Books in Review II.” Wilson's review eloquently chronicles his reaction to the novel alongside his own experience in Vietnam. "I highly recommend this novel, both as a good read and as a glimpse into the lives of...

SD Sawyer

Red Kettle and A Clanking Bell

Did you read the article about the man who attacked the volunteer bell ringer?  Stole the kettle right out from under her.  Did she give chase?  No.  Confined to a wheelchair, she was volunteering her time, alone on a street corner, collecting coins from strangers to help others.  The thief robbed her not only of money, but the security and dignity she’d had stolen years before.

Such articles cause me pause.  The first signs of approaching Christmas holiday have little to do with decorated trees or Black Friday sales. It’s all about bell ringers, the Salvation Army volunteers who magically appear right after Thanksgiving, braving the December chill of early Pennsylvania frosty mornings. Bundled in wool coats, scarfs and gloves, we find them― usually alone, outside Macy’s, Target, or WalMart, next to large shiny red kettles. Their bell’s clank shatters the icy air as a reminder to each shopper. And whether or not we look at them, whether or not we drop in a coin, they smile at us. They smile and wish us the same wish they hope we will wish others, others not shopping at Macy’s, Target or WalMart that― or any other morning.
Tough economic times show us what we’re made of.  Some steal from the needy, others “pay forward” at checkout lines.  A season of red kettles, silver bells, and chance to discover who we are

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4 Responses to Red Kettle and A Clanking Bell

  1. Bob says:

    Merry Christmas SD Sawyer- hope your book sales go through the roof in 2012!

    Best of health to you and your family in the New Year


  2. Susie says:

    Beautiful, SDSawyer. Thank you for reminding us of the true meaning of The Season. Merry Christmas to you!

  3. KT says:

    Such a great scene for Christmas – and one that truly represents the spirit of the season!

    Merry Christmas SD!

  4. Carol Boven says:

    Sally, Congratulations on a fine book which so very well describes the impact of the Viet Nam war on all those who were affected–those who fought, those who waited at home, and, of course, all those in society as a whole who reacted to the trauma! We remember it well! Tom was drafted, but joined the Air Force instead. In 1968, we were sent to Europe for over 3 years; but we witnessed what the war was doing to the U.S. from a distance.
    Now that we have a son-in-law who has fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a daughter who is a “waiting wife,” the experiences described in your book really hit home!

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